2005 Homestay Programs Information

Summer programs of 2005

In 2005, 175 students and teachers from 7 different schools in Taiwan completed AEC/NISE Summer Homestay Programs at Portland State University.

Energetic and outgoing young men and women of Taiwan have greatly enjoyed equally energetic and hospitable Portland area American host families as well as wonderful teachers and program assistants from Portland State University.
AEC/NISE specially designed and contracted academic and logistic aspect of the program to Portland State University for this large, complex and challenging summer programs.
The program was a successful and meaningful to every participant despite its large size and complexity.

Our motto is “A great experience for everyone” for any participants in our programs.  We specifically pay attention in details and provide extra care for those high school age and younger students. It is challenging and it takes extra ordinary devotion as program coordinator, for these younger students, however, it is also very rewarding experience that we played a very important role and given a significant positive impact for those young men and women’s unforgettable experience in the U.S.

Schools participated from Taiwan:
Hsinchu Girls H.S., Hsin Chu H.S., Yang Ming H.S., Lan Yang Jr. H.S., Taichung H.S., St. Ignatius H.S., National Chung Hsing H.S., Wesley Jr. H.S., Chug Shan H.S