2008 Homestay Programs Information



JULY 8 – JULY 27  (21 Days)

Hyundai Chungun High School (http://hcu.hs.kr)

High School students from Ulsan, Korea:

25 students (15 to 17 years old) came from Hyundai Chungun High School. Chungun H.S. is one the most academically challenging and prestigious high schools in Korea. Many graduates of the high school enroll in the best universities in Korea, and go on to such distinguished positions as top executives, government workers and politicians of Korea. Those students who participate in our program were also specially selected through a strict competition process and received full scholarships to participate in this program.


JULY 8 – JULY 27  (21 days)

University of Ulsan (http://www.ulsan.ac.kr)

College students (19 to 26 years old) came from Ulsan, Korea.

The city of Ulsan is a sister city of Portland. Every year, delegations from Ulsan, Korea participate in the Portland Rose Festival parade. These students received partial scholarships to learn and experience American culture and language at Portland State University to foster international understanding and friendship with the American people through this special summer program. The University of Ulsan has been sending students to PSU for past 8 years.


JULY 22 – AUGUST 3  (13 Days)

Showa University Medical School (http://www.showa-u.ac.jp/english/)

20 college freshmen (18 to 20 years old) from Showa University Medical School participated in summer medical facility and hospital visits, as well as an American culture and English language program.


August 1 – August 24  (24 Days)

Mokpo National University (http://www.mokpo.ac.kr/eng/main/main.jps)

College students (18 to 26 years old) from Mokpo, Korea:

About 20 Engineering students from the port city of Mokpo in southern region of Korea participated in a special summer program at PSU.


AUGUST 27 – SEPTEMBER 17  (21 Days)

RYUKA/UMDS (University of Marketing and Distribution Science) (http://www.umds.ac.jp/index.php)

College students from Kobe, Japan

15 students (College freshmen), Business and other Liberal Arts major students participated in our program.