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AEC’s staff shares a strong passion for creating the best international education and cultural programs. Our unique mixture of extensive experience and expertise in both education and travel make for highly effective programs for all our participants.
AEC staff has personal and professional experience in the field of international education and in providing quality study abroad and homestay programs for international students.

Koichi Kim, Executive Director
Koichi’s passion for cultural and educational international exchanges finally brought him back to the field of international education from the corporate world. A former international high school exchange student himself, and a collegiate foreign student and international corporate executive, Koichi  is dedicated to bringing practical experiences and knowledge of “real world” education to AEC’s international programs.

“I can help to bring both the academic and business world together to provide effective programs with real tangible results.


Roxanne Nussbaumer, Program Administrator

Roxanne is currently studying at Portland State University majoring in Japanese with interests in Applied Linguistics and Korean. She has traveled abroad to Japan and Korea both twice, and hopes to one day work in either of those countries. Roxanne worked with many different students from different countries for the last several years. Roxanne herself was a student living in homestay programs in Asia; she has personal and in-depth experience and knowledge to share with all the host families and students.

Leah Clifford, Program Assistant

Leah is a recent graduate of Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, with a personal focus on International Studies. Her studies have taken her to Korea for one month teaching English in the rural area of the country and she is hoping to go back to Asia soon to continue teaching English. She first became involved with America Education Center in the summer of 2013 as both a host family and a volunteer during program activities. While hosting a Japanese college student she became more intrigued with Japanese culture as well as the homestay experience. This lead her to begin working as a program assistant so that she can share her passion, knowledge, and experience with other future host families.