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なぜ 「ポートランド、 オレゴン」であるべきなのか?

ロケーション: Why Portland?

Portland offers very unique environment for international programs. Portland can put you away from distractions in comfortable setting, learning effectively, however, the beautiful city can provide you with very relaxed and enjoyable experience for your stay and free time.Superb balance of comfort, convenience and nature is the unique character of Portland, The city’s beautiful, friendly and safe environment, and most convenient public transportation systems are unparalleled to any other cities in North America.

Whether participants are from Asia, Africa, Europe or South America, Christian, Buddhist, Muslims, Portland and its people has been proud to extend its hospitality and friendship to diverse people unlike no other cities in the U.S.

Convenient daily non-stop international flight from Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico
(Daily non-stop flights from Asia, Europe, Canada and Mexico as well as direct domestic flight from major cities in North America put Portland a convenient destination from all over the world.)

– Quality of living –
Unique urban setting with safe and friendly culture
Well known as one of most desirable city to live in America by numerous researches and surveys conducted by major media sources. Portland is very unique combination of convenience of “larger city” and hospitality of “small town” people.

Portland is known by experts of city/urban planners worldwide for its successful redevelopment and vitalization of urban core and carefully planned management policy to preserve the quality of life.Services and hospitality of people in Portland are excellent due to the quality of living here. You will encounter genuinely friendly and helpful services from businesses at very reasonable rates.

Shopping is great here in Portland. There are “no sales tax” in Portland, Oregon. It is one of few state in the U.S. and the only city in the western and central parts of the U.S. Anywhere you go Portland or in the state of Oregon, visitors will spend less by not paying those extra sales taxes such as 8.75% in Los Angeles or 8.6% in Seattle, or 7.5% in Vancouver, Canada. Portland has all the popular major brand boutiques and shops big cities with less costly Sales Tax.

– Most “walkable” city in America. Great public transportation system –
Portland is very unique and known for most “walkable” city in America. Despite the relatively large size of the city’s downtown core, visitors can “walk” downtown without typical fear and unpleasantness of other American cities. AEC believe that this is very important and ideal factors to hold international programs for international visitors. Weather, our program participants are taking class or just going for a morning walk or shopping on free time, they will most enjoy the experience without unnecessary fear and precaution typically involved with other urban destinations in America.

Portland’s urban area are covered by convenient public transportation options, including, Bus, City Electric Train, bicycle path, walking sidewalk. Unlike other major cities in America, travelers to Portland find delightful to use clean, safe and convenient public transportation system.Bus and train fares start from “free”(within downtown area) to up to the maximum of monthly adult pass for $92 a month (March 2012) for all public transportation available in Portland area.





For more detail information about Portland and Oregon, please visit following web site:
Portland Oregon Visitors Association