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American Education Center

Real Education, Real Training, Real World SM

Our focus is to provide real education, real training and real world experience for our students and clients.

Our programs offer a variety of ways that international students can experience living and studying in the United States.

  • AEC specializes in creating customized international programs for  international students and educational institutions who are seeking to have an American educational and cross-cultural experience.
  • AEC’s programs are truly unique and comprehensive. We  are creative and adaptive, designing and managing our programs to be more than traditional “sight seeing” programs.
  • AEC is dedicated and focused on achieving life-long benefits for all  program participants.
  • AEC’s quality professional staff and instructors are carefully chosen to meet the needs and requirements of our international students.
  • AEC can provide in-depth programs for a broad range of needs and goals, using our partnerships with academic institutions and our established network of supporters.

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