About Portland

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Portland offers a very unique environment for international programs. Portland is a beautiful city that can provide you with a very relaxed and enjoyable experience for your stay and lots of free time activities.A superb balance of comfort and convenience, surrounded by nature is the unique character of Portland. The city is beautiful, friendly and boasts a safe environment, with a very convenient public transportation system. It is unparalleled to any other city in North America.

Whether participants are from Asia, Africa, Europe or South America, or come from Christian, Buddhist, Muslim backgrounds,  Portland and its people have been proud to extend hospitality and friendship to diverse people from all over the globe.

There are convenient,  daily non-stop international flights from Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico.
There are also direct domestic flights from major cities in North America.  This makes Portland a desirable destination from all over the world.


Quality of Living

  • Unique urban setting with a safe and friendly culture.
  • Well known as one of the most desirable cities to live in America by numerous  surveys conducted by major media sources.
  • Portland has a very unique combination of  the convenience of  a “larger city” and the hospitality of “small town” people.

bridgeA Pacific Northwest organization, AEC has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Famous for its beauty,   friendly people, great restaurants, long-standing farmer’s markets, clean air, and convenient public transportation system,  Portland has been named one of the most livable cities in America.

Portland is also the largest city in Oregon, with a population in the  metropolitan area of about 1.7 million. Located between two rivers—the Columbia and the Willamette—and between the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range, the city is only an hour and a half from the Pacific Ocean to the west and  half an hour from Mt. Hood to the east.

Shopping is great here in Portland. There is no sales tax and international students can save money by making purchases in Oregon.  Visitors will spend less by not paying extra sales tax, which can be high in other  North American cities: 8.75% in Los Angeles,  8.6% in Seattle or 7.5% in Vancouver, Canada. Portland has all the popular major brand boutiques and shops big cities have and at lower cost to the consumer.

Most “Walkable” City in America

max_downtown3Portland is very unique and known for being the most “walkable” city in America. Despite the relatively large size of the city’s downtown area, visitors can walk from the south end of town where Portland State University is all the way to the Chinatown in the north end.  AEC believes that this is very important and ideal for our international programs and international students. Whether our program participants are taking a class or just going for a morning walk or shopping during their free time, they will enjoy the safety and good feel of the city.

Portland’s urban areas are covered by convenient public transportation options, including traveling by bus and the city electric train (called the MAX). There are many bicycle paths, pedestrian-friendly bridges and plenty of  sidewalks, too.
Bus and train fares start from “free”(within the downtown area) up to the maximum of a monthly adult pass for $66, which includes all public transportation available in the greater metropolitan area.


For more detailed information about Portland and the State of  Oregon, please visit following web site:
Portland Oregon Visitors Association