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AEC provides comprehensive support services to international students seeking U.S. undergraduate and graduate/PhD degrees. These services require a membership fee and other optional fees based on a student’s goals and abilities. We help to provide clear goals and accomplishments for our member international students to prepare them for coming to the U.S., receive the degree they want and help them launch a career and start a real life in international business or in the academic world.

International Student Advising and Consulting

Annual Membership

Sign up fee (one time fee) and annual membership fee (renewable annually) to receive AEC‘s comprehensive support service.


Membership Privileges and Benefits

  • Lifetime membership to the AEC alumni network
  • Monthly advising, counseling, consulting sessions
  • Emergency support – 24/7 Emergency Support Service
  • Special advisers and academic mentors for academic success and life achievement

AEC Student Advisers

We will provide advising and support sessions for member students. Students will receive comprehensive academic and personal life advice, study and subject recommendations, analysis report, and support for achieving effective and balanced collegiate life in America. Student’s official sponsors or parents/guardians will receive AEC’s comprehensive monthly analysis report as well.

AEC Academic Mentors (Optional services)

We can offer specialized academic support services for students who prefer to receive more comprehensive assistance for more advanced projects and studies.
Our Academic Mentors will provide tutoring and mentoring of students during their stay.

Participation in an International Professional Network

AEC will hold a monthly informal social gathering of local working international professionals. Our member students can participate in this meeting. The students will learn and network with young working professionals who are already successfully working in the U.S. This is an important and valuable activity for today’s demanding job market, which not only requires real work experience and skills, but also professional networking within one’s field of study.

Career/Job Advising

AEC will provide comprehensive support for member students in order to be prepared for the job market upon graduation. AEC staff will help students with goal setting, internships, resume writing, and interviewing skills.

Preparatory Language Courses (Optional services)

  • Specialized language courses designed to meet the specific needs of international students will be offered:
  • Business English, presentations, and communication
  • Pre-college entrance preparatory English lessons