Quality Homestay programs since 1983

American Education Center (AEC), formerly Northwest International Study Exchange (NISE) has conducted international educational homestay programs for high school and college students since 1983. AEC brings hundreds of high school and college students from overseas to Oregon each summer. AEC offers unique and high quality programs specially designed to meet the needs of individual high schools and colleges.

Each program at AEC can be customized according to the interests of the participants. Some groups come to experience American life and culture, some want to improve their English language skills, while others come to study specific subjects such as American architecture, educational methods, medical research, art, or business systems. AEC programs are best suited for groups and individuals who have studied English in school but want to improve their ability to communicate orally in English and have a sincere desire to immerse themselves in American family life and culture.

AEC’s homestay programs can be as short as two or three weeks, and as long as a year.  International students come for a variety of reasons and with many different programs sponsored by their country’s educational institutions and by us at AEC.  Students often stay with host families while they are in the United States, as a way to deepen their understanding of American life and culture while greatly improving their English language skills. Many times, lifelong friendships are made and families and students stay in touch with each other for years to come. These relationships can create a definite sense of a global community and friendships that go beyond all national boundaries.

We invite you to join us in welcoming international students into your home and expand your family to the world family.