2014 Hyundai Chungun High School Program

Thank you to everyone for making this a great program!


JULY 14 – AUGUST 4 (22 Days)


Hyundai Chungun High School (http://hcu.hs.kr/) (In Korean)

High School students from Ulsan, Korea: About 24 students (15 to 17 years old) came from Hyundai Chungun High School. Hyundai Chungun H.S. is one the most academically challenging and prestigious high schools in Korea. Many graduates of the high school enroll in the best universities in Korea, and go on to such distinguished positions as top executives, government workers and politicians of Korea. Those students who participate in our program were also specially selected through a strict competition process and received full scholarships to participate in this program.   In the classroom the students developed their communication skills by doing activities to prepare them for presenting stories in the style of The Moth. Each of the students told a 7-10 minute story about a true experience of their life and the effect it had on them for their final project.

Classroom2 Classroom3 Classroom1

Classroom7 Classroom6 Classroom5


During cultural activities outside of the classroom, students were able to experience authentic Portland life and interact with locals. Some of the activities were:


Neighborhood Exploring:

In small groups the students explored different neighborhoods in the Portland area: Pearl District, NW 23rd, Hawthorne, and Mississippi Avenue. They talked to locals in each area and learned about what each area was known for and the places/events specific to it.

Volunteering at Oregon Food Bank (Beaverton):

Students were able to volunteer in an active way to help families in Oregon. The students and staff worked with other volunteers and repackaged frozen plums at the Oregon Food Bank.

FoodBank6 FoodBank3 FoodBank2


Multnomah Falls and Vista House:

After appreciating the beauty of nature and hiking at Multnomah Falls, the students visited Vista House and learned about the long history of its existence from how it came to be and what it represents now.

MultnomahFalls2 MultnomahFalls1 MultnomahFalls3

VistaHouse3 VistaHouse1 VistaHouse2

Museum of Contemporary Craft and Portland Art Museum:

Students had to opportunity to see an array of different forms and styles of art, ranging from the art of The Louvre’s Tuileries Garden to contemporary art and fashion.

Museum2 Museum1

And a big thanks to the host families that welcomed the students into their homes for three weeks as a part of their family!