2014 Anyang University Program

JUNE 30 – JULY 7 (8 Days)


Anyang University (http://www.anyang.ac.kr/eng/)


About 14 Liberal Arts Majors (19-24) came from this private university south of Seoul, Korea to study English and American Culture. These students received partial scholarships to attend this program. AEC worked with Anyang University for this program. AEC found host families for the students and gave them an orientation about American Culture to prepare them for their time living with a host family. Supervised by a teacher from their university, the students went on daily cultural exploration assignments in downtown Portland during the day, and spent weekday evenings and the weekend with their host families directly experiencing American culture and practicing their English communication skills. Since the students were in Portland during the fourth of July weekend, they also had the added opportunity to experience an exciting, major American holiday with their host families!



Thanks again to all the amazing host families for making this possible!